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Englisch C1

3 Kurse

At the end of level C1 you can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognize implicit meaning. You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. You can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Anette Dopatka
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Englisch B2/C1 - 60-minute conversation Onlinekurs
Do. 07.03.2024 10:00

Each lesson will be devoted to a topic agreed upon by the participants. A comprehensive list of questions will serve as a road map for the conversation. For homework, you will receive a short vocabulary exercise based on the topic.

Kursnummer F406852
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Gebühr: 126,50
Dozent*in: Donald Hart
Englisch B2/C1 In Conversation Onlinekurs (Kleingruppe)
Mi. 07.02.2024 18:00
Onlinekurs (Kleingruppe)

Extend your knowledge of English or maintain your language level through interesting discussions. Each week we will talk about a different topic ranging from The good old days, through The power of images to Can words change the world? Some of the units in the book require a bit of reading or listening before the lesson to prepare for the discussion. This preparation will train reading and listening skills. By focusing on one topic each week, we can explore the various aspects of the topic and thus improve our ability to express ourselves in English – An enjoyable combination of learning and getting to know each other.

Kursnummer F406980
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Gebühr: 180,00
Dozent*in: Catherine Mayer
Englisch C1 Business Conversation - Onlinekurs
Mi. 08.05.2024 19:30

This course offers you an opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics related to business and current affairs.The choice of topic is open to the group. Prior to the lessons, students receive gap-fill  exercises to practise related vocabulary and a road map of questions on the chosen topic.

Kursnummer F406992
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Gebühr: 126,00
Dozent*in: Donald Hart
28.05.24 16:45:09