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Mayer, Catherine

Englisch C1 - Onlinekurs Key C1 ab Lektion 1
Mi. 23.08.2023 18:00
Key C1 ab Lektion 1

This course will focus on speaking but includes practice with idiomatic expression to help develop fluency. We will work with the book KEY C1 which offers plenty of interesting activities to help you improve every aspect of your English. This is a modern approach to support language skill level maintenance and improvement. The units provide short reading texts on a wide range of topics including groups, humans and nature, recycling, senses, sleep, sports, journeys and colour written to give you insights into various cultural aspects of the English-speaking world and offer an opportunity to have discussions, exchange opinions and talk about your own life and experiences.

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Gebühr: 149,50
Dozent*in: Catherine Mayer
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